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Friedrich A. Hayek: Champion of

Individual Liberty, Limited Government, and Free Markets

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Since I'm adding so much to this site and campaigning for new members, I'm adding this page for those interested in keeping up.

July 17th:       My first Libertarian Party meeting was surprisingly pleasant.

                          Some new links here

                        This site is being redesigned over the next few days for better navigation at the suggestion of Sandra who I hope will be able to join us in the discussion group.  I've been adding so much, it's grown without a pre-planned direction - so market forces are pressuring better efficiency... suggestions are welcome!

July 16th:     New essay: Three Parties; Two Directions

                        Soliciting essays for review from others that contribute to advancing the moderate libertarian principles and reforms we are advocating.  Email me: 

 July 15th:     Added many quotes to the Great Quotes page.

                        Already 6 members have joined the discussion group!

July 13th:     Created MSN Group discussion forum: Liberty, Limited Government, Free Markets



All information on this and referred pages should be distributed widely (with appropriate references to sources) to spread Hayek's principles to as many people as possible and move our countries toward more ideal conditions for all people.

Feel free to contact me with questions and comments: St. Augustine, Florida, USA - These pages last updated: July 17, 2003.

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