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Friedrich A. Hayek: Champion of

Individual Liberty, Limited Government, and Free Markets

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Links to articles:

The Man Whoe Changed Everyone's Life: The Ubiquitous Ideas of F. A. Hayek by Brian Crowley of the Montreal Economics Institute

Hayek's essay: "Why I am not a Conservative":

Reason Magazine interview with Hayek in 1977:

"The Use of Knowledge in Society" by Hayek

"Up From Freedom: Friedrich von Hayek and the Defense of Liberty"
by Professor Richard Ebeling of the London School of Economics

Essay on "Friedrich August von Hayek" by Roger W. Garrison and Israel Kirzner (Garrison is the Hayek Fellow at Auburn University)

American Enterprise Institute writings on the rule of law:

"The Legacy of Hayek" by Barun S. Mitra from: In Defence of Liberty A Newsletter of Liberty Institute, New Delhi

A page dedicated to Hayek with many links.

Links to books: (Reading the reader reviews is enlightening in itself)

The Road to Serfdom

The Constitution of Liberty

Law, Legislation and Liberty: Rules and Order

Individualism and Economic Order

Contra Keynes and Cambridge: Essays, Correspondence (The Collected Works of F.A. Hayek, Vol 9)

Cato Institute Papers

Cato Institute essay - "F. A. Hayek: Prophet of the Modern World" by Tom Palmer in 1999:

"Hayek's Legacy and the Future of Liberal Thought: Rational Liberalism Versus Evolutionary Agnosticism" by Viktor Vanberg


Congressman Ron Paul a champion of Liberty: 

A speech by Ron Paul - "Neo-CONNED!" It left me more than a little nauseous: 

An article about over-regulation:,2933,92130,00.html 

Libertarian Introduction:

The Libertarian Party main site 

Reason Magazine interview with Tom Peters who apparently is a fan of Hayek:

Alan Greenspan refutes the misconception that large corporate entities exist without government intervention in the free market process:

Site devoted to Frederick Bastiat and his works:

Milton Friedman's own site:


For those wanting deeper economic theory:

Roger Garrison's page at Auburn U

London School of Economics Hayek Society page:

Ludwig von Mises Institute page:

Carl Menger (the father of the Austrian school of economics) on the origins of money:



All information on this and referred pages should be distributed widely (with appropriate references to sources) to spread Hayek's principles to as many people as possible and move our countries toward more ideal conditions for all people.

Feel free to contact me with questions and comments: St. Augustine, Florida, USA - These pages last updated: July 17, 2003.

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