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Friedrich A. Hayek: Champion of

Individual Liberty, Limited Government, and Free Markets

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Group Discussion

I've just opened (July 13th) a new MSN Group Forum for discussion at:

Liberty, Limited Government, Free Markets

The purpose of this MSN Group is to bring together those interested in discussing policies and strategies that will generate momentum in the Libertarian Party toward a critically rational platform that all "Moderate" Americans can rally behind as a viable alternative to the Democrat and Republican Parties.

My belief is that the Libertarian Party suffers from a negative popular image in America - the view that their agenda is ultimately anarchy and isolationism. 

Regardless of whether this is accurate, the Libertarian Party is the only political party that stands firmly for the principles of:

- Individual Liberty

- Limited Government

- Free Markets

Coming from a sales and marketing background, I feel that a "rebranding" of the Libertarian Party's image is necessary before they will be able to generate enough popular support to make a difference.

With the disillusionment of most Americans in our current system, the strong third party movement begun with Perot's misadventure, the non-voting half of the electorate, and the majority of Americans identifying themselves as "Moderate" Republican or Democrat; there is substantial potential support for a strong third party based on the classical liberal principles Hayek describes in his essay "Why I am not a Conservative".

Most Americans can support a platform based on Individual Liberty, Limited Government, and Free Markets.


All information on this and referred pages should be distributed widely (with appropriate references to sources) to spread Hayek's principles to as many people as possible and move our countries toward more ideal conditions for all people.

Feel free to contact me with questions and comments: St. Augustine, Florida, USA - These pages last updated: July 17, 2003.

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