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The Regulatory State

Excerpts from the Cato Institute annual snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State: The 10,000 Commandments

·         The 2002 Federal Register contained an all-time record 75,606 pages, a nearly 9 percent increase over 2001

 ·         The five most active rule-producing agencies (the Departments of Transportation, Treasury, Agriculture, and Interior and the Environ-mental Protection Agency) account for 50 percent of all rules under consideration.

 ·         The Office of Management and Budget’s latest report on the costs and benefits of federal regulations finds cumulative 1992–2002 costs of “major” regulations to be between $38 and $44 billion, while noting costs of all rules could be more than 10 times larger.

 ·         Based on a more broadly constructed competing compilation of annual regulatory costs by economists Thomas Hopkins and Mark Crain, regulatory costs hit an estimated $860 billion in 2002, an amount equivalent to 43 percent of all FY 2002 outlays.

 ·         Regulatory costs are five times the $158 billion budget deficit.

 ·         Regulatory costs are five times the $158 billion budget deficit.

 ·         Regulatory costs of $860 billion are equivalent to 8.2 percent of U.S. gross domestic product, estimated at $10,443 billion for 2002.

 ·         Federal regulatory costs of $860 billion combined with outlays of $2,011 billion bring the federal government’s share of the economy to 27 percent.

 ·        Regulatory costs also exceed all corporate pretax profits, which were $699 billion in 2001.

 ·        On the basis of estimates from the Weidenbaum and Mercatus Centers, agencies spent $25 billion merely to administer and police the regulatory state in 2002, 14 percent more than the previous year. Counting the $860 billion in off-budget costs, that brings the total regulatory burden to $885 billion.

An excellent article on the excesses of over-regulation:,2933,92130,00.html  

An excellent article on Alan Greenspan's recent testimony that "Regulators Kill Corporate Spending"



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